Taking Care of your jewelry

Every piece in my store is handmade, and handmade objects must be handled with extra care. Your mala should be treated like a sacred item. Mala necklaces and bracelets are made of natural stones, wood beads, and seed beads. They are threaded on a durable nylon or silk string that which need to be treated properly if you wish to use them and enjoy carrying them for a long time. However, we at Gemjewlry: Atousas Art offer a mala repair service for rethreading your rosary. The thread we use comes in a variety of colors, it is strong and specifically designed for prayer beads.

Here comes some simple points to consider:

Cleaning and charging your Mala Beads

You can clean or charge your mala beads. To clean them, Light a sage stick or palo santo and blow out the flame, let the smoke wash over your mala taking away any negative energy as it goes.To charge your gemstones, place them under the full moon once a month. (aso read Learn More section in our website).