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Mala beads (prayer beads)

Mala beads, or prayer beads are a set of sacred rosary beads used for chanting and counting mantras, meditation, prayer, yoga, and reflection.
Traditionally a mala was made of Rudraksha, Sandalwood, Tulsi wood, or Clear Quartz. In most cases it was very simple. Now we can find a variety of any combination of natural gemstones, crystal, pearls, wood, or seed beads. A mala can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet for its beauty, but for a yoga practitioner, it is used for meditation and counting mantras to provide support and benefit for the stressful times in our modern daily life. A tassel is often attached to the beads, some are adorned with amulets or crystal pendants depending on one`s personal preference or tradition.

Modern use of mala beads

In recent years, it has become common for non-religious individuals to wear mala beads as accessories, with the beads having different significance without religious affiliation. Some use malas for yoga practice, some for repeating positive affirmations, some for balancing the chakras, and many other uses.

108 Beads Mala (Japa Mala)

Buddhist mala beads are traditionally made with 108 beads; in Buddhism, the number refers to 108 impure thoughts to which one is striving to put an end. Gemjewlry Malas are designed in harmonious and healing combinations with specific characteristics to help you with different purposes. We make the best combination of gemstones to help you find the right power or the spiritual vibration you need in your manifestation rituals with gemstones. Malas (spiritual necklaces) are traditionally supportive for the spiritual life and offer a shield against negativity.

99 pcs Islamic prayer beads, called Misbaha or Tasbih, usually have 100 beads in total

Roman Catholics use the Rosary with 59 beads

Choosing your mala beads

If you are unsure which mala to choose, and you are practicing meditation we recommend beginning with a Meditation Mala, if you have a specific purpose for wearing a mala and would like help selecting the right crystal combination of one contact us or you may request a custom piece just for you.
When choosing the perfect mala for yourself or a gift recipient, You may consider the following:

  • Let your intuition guide you! The best option is the one you are naturally drawn toConsider the healing power of the beads most needed in your present life
  • Different types of mala beads, for instance, full size 108 beads mala plus one guru bead with a tassel or pendant or a smaller size 54 bedas mala plus one guru bead
  • The length of a mala or bead size (either 8mm or 6mm)
  • A knotted mala or those with tiny beads placed in between the beads
  • Your favorite color, your astrological sign
  • Your particular faith, such as Hindu, Christianity, Buddhist

Blessing /activating your mala

Each of our seeds hold the potential of the great blessings they originated with and as we unfold with them, we experience that potent blessing. Not only are malas significant in themselves, all Gemjewlry malas are treated as sacred items with special care. Each bead is purified before stringing. While threading, they are being blessed and activated through mantra and prayer, indicating they are more effective in aligning you with your purpose.
Today, as we receive each bead that has been carefully selected, purified and treated with reverence we keep it in a sacred space for meditation, yoga, and mantra, a spiritual corner with its own unique vibration where the healing energy can aid us in transforming ourselves mentally.
When you receive your mala, you may like to perform your own blessing to activate an intention into your mala beads. You might then say your intention aloud or just visualize your intention if you prefer. You can also repeat the mantra you receive with the mala as you wear it while you meditate to embody the intentions you want to manifest.

We use high-quality genuine semiprecious gemstones and natural wood or seed materials. Oue mala beads are designed to be multi-functional for your meditation practice or everday wear. They are designed and handknotted in Stockholm by an artist and a meditaion practitioner.

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