Wood Beads Wrist Mala with a slide knot

Jodo shinshu Buddhist prayer beads mala. This beautiful hand-crafted wrist mala is traditionally used for meditation (counting repititions of prayers of Sanskrit mantras) but it can also be worn as a meaningful accessory to recive the energetic effects of the beads. This authentic, traditional buddhist bracelet is hand strung with 21 counting wood beads and one Rudraksha seed bead as the guru bead. It has been designed with two Tibetan green beads to separate the guru bead from the rest of the counting beads. The counting beads are mixing beads of different tones and kinds to have a more enegetic effect and of course for a beautiful effect. This wrist mala is threaded with strong cord and is finished with a slide knot for adjusting the size.

Narra wood beads come from the national tree of the Philippines, also known as the Ancient Tree. The beads on this bracelet are polished and have a visible wood grain and smooth texture. These particular beads are pale yellow, but the color of narra wood can vary greatly.

Dragon Blood wood beads provide protection from negative energies and cultivates confidence, inner-strength, and courage. This healing wood also promotes good-fortune, success, and happiness.

Material: Narra wood beads, Dragon Blood wood beads, Rudraksha seed bead, Tibetan beads, and Hematite leaf beads

Bead Size: 6mm & 8mm

Size: Adjustable

119,00 kr