Wood Beads Bracelet Stack with Elephant Charm

This beautiful hand-crafted combo bracelet is designed with a golden stainless steel elephant and two mixing wood beads of different tones and kinds to have a more energetic effect and of course for a beautiful effect. The bracelets is threaded with strong cord and finished with a slide knot for adjusting the size.

Narra wood beads come from the national tree of the Philippines, also known as the Ancient Tree. The beads on this bracelet are polished and have a visible wood grain and smooth texture. These particular beads are pale yellow, but the color of narra wood can vary greatly.

Olive wood beads: The olive tree is considered a symbol of peace. Olive wood symbolizes peace between God and mankind.

- Size: adjustable
- Adjustable knot
- Material: Narra wood beads, Olive wood beads, Hematite and stainless steel elephant charm  

199,00 kr