Vision & Strength Mala

Tap into dynamic and brave energy for vision and strength with these Turquoise and Picture Jasper Japa mala! I personally designed these pieces with two expansive gems to connect you with your inner warrior and expand your vision. This 108 beads mala features natural turquoise chip beads, picture jasper beads, Carnelian Agate, sandalwood beads, and a copper stone flower pendant (a powerful conductor of energy!) with strands on both ends hanging from the same side after the guru bead.

Turquoise strengthens the soul, promotes authenticity, and is protective and purifying.

Picture Jasper helps you envision possibilities, promoting an open mind and encouraging you to see the big picture. Wear this mala everyday and visualize the most amazing life, inviting strength and energy to make it a reality.

The deeper magic of these Turquoise and Picture Jasper mala is as following:

Turquoise is a truth-seeker stone of self-realization and spiritual expansion. It primarily stimulates the Throat Chakra, which makes it easier for you to articulate your deepest wisdom and express your truth safely. Turquoise can help heal the emotional body, relieve stress, and bring your awareness back to its true center, which is your heart. Working with turquoise brings good fortune and helps restore depleted vitality and provide a boost when you're in low spirits. Turquoise is a teacher of compassion and forgiveness. The more you work with it, the more radiant and expansive your reality will seem. Keep an open heart, and don't be surprised if you find yourself reliving those feelings of magical possibility that were so natural in you as a child.

Picture Jasper activates the Sacral Chakra, your energy center of pleasure, passion, creativity, and emotion. Everything you birth comes through your Sacral Chakra. Picture jasper is perfect to work with during meditation, creating space for creativity and initiative to flow through. Work with this stone to see all of the opportunities before you.

Sandalwood: the fragrant heartwood of any of certain Asian trees of the genus Santalum, used for ornamental carving and burned as incense. As a part of Buddhist tradition and a powerful aid to enhance your meditation, Sandalwood stimulates a sense of awareness. It aids in meditation by fostering tranquillity. Promoting calmness, aiding peaceful sleep and subduing aggression are simply a few of the Sandalwood Beads benefits.

Wear these Turquoise and Picture Jasper mala to connect with your inner strength. With turquoise and picture jasper directly contacting your skin, it's easier to tap into your truth and vision. However you choose to work with yours, may it empower you in all ways.




Material: Hematite spacers, Copper stone flower pendant, Natural Turquoise chip beads, Picture Jasper, Sandalwood tree beads.

Number of semiprecious beads: 108 + pendant + 6 beads hanging on both ends
Size of beads: 8mm (round beads)

Length: 53 cm approx.
Full hanging length: 106 cm approx.
The guru bead: 2 x 2 cm approx

499,00 kr