Vintage Green Nephrite Jade Handmade Necklace

Antique and contemporary handmade jewelry! 

A minimal piece with handmade Afghan Turkmen tribal green Jade (Nephrite).

This delightfully detailed multicolor Afghan Turkmen green Nephrite Jade necklace is designed with multi-strand beads in oriental style.

This fine piece of artwork is made with imported gemstones from Afghanistan home made ornaments. The product is very light in weight and easy to use. Such jewelries are traced back to old kochi culture and originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iran etc.

Nephrite is one of two distinct mineral forms classified as jade (the other is jadeite) and up until 1863, nephrite was believed to be one and the same as jadeite. Nephrite is a fibrous aggregate variety of tremolite-actinolite, a basic calcium magnesium iron silicate, whereas jadeite is a pyroxene mineral.

Afghan jade is a variety of serpentine called bowenite, and sometimes called "sang-i-yashm". It can vary from white to light and dark green and can occur with black or pink.

Bowenite is one of the most common varieties of serpentine in the gem trade. Actually, this stone can be worn as a lucky charm and utilized as a talisman. When placed in your house, it can be extremely beneficial for your inactive and lazy pets. Bowenite (New Jade) also known as the Maori Gemstone or Tangiwaite is often misguided as Jade. It is the state crystal of Rhode Island in the United States of America.

Item specifics

Material: Nephrite Jade beads from Afghanistan, Blue, Orange and Green with Silver color scheme.(silver alloy small spacers)

Theme: Chunky

Style: Vintage

Fine_fashion: Fine

Size: 8mm beads.

Full length: 86 cm. hanging length: 43cm.

Weight (total): 72 gm.

399,00 kr