Natural Turquoise & Jasper Bracelet

This wonderful bracelet is handmade with natural semi-precious Turquoise, Jasper, and Hematite beads. It features a beautiful Turquoise Swarovski charm center-piece. The bracelet is strung onto elastic cord.

Length: Custom-fit (All our bracelets can be customized for size, shape, and color).


Jasper has a strong association to the Earth's energy, it is the spirit stone of courage and wisdom whilst bringing strength to those who utilise it.

Turquoise has been used as a purification stone. It dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog. It also provides protection against environmental pollutants. This precious gemstone balances and aligns all chakras, attuning the physical body to the spiritual.

Price: 199:- (each)

398,00 kr