Transformation End Bead Mala

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Are you interested in the excellent protective crystal Onyx? Then we have the perfect combination that which you can wear with your Onyx to increase the benefits you are getting already. The combination of vivid Moonstone and Onyx make new pathways to the energies of transformation through you. We have brought together beauty and healing powers in this 108 beads mala with a unique handmade etched brass pendant, and Turquoise beads to enhance the beauty with our handmade necklace. Each and every bead on this mala has AAA quality grade.

It is worth noting that when the energies of moonstone enter your life, the transformation is extremely rapid. You'll see through new perspectives since this crystal will work on the heart and mind at the same time. It will raise the inquisitive chakra of the Third Eye to offer you the powers of clairvision and clairvoyance.

This end bead mala has an adjustable slide knot which moves up and down to adjust the tension of the mala beads. This Japa Mala makes for a very special gift for a loved one or for yourself! Worn as a necklace it makes for a black elegant statement.



Material: Handmade etched brass pendant with Turquoise beads, Onyx stone beads, Moonstone beads (gray shade), and Turquoise beads.

Number of semiprecious beads: 108 mala with a choice of knots
Size of beads: 8mm

Length: 49 cm approx.
Full hanging length: 98 cm approx.
Pendant: 4.3 x 4.3 cm approx.

1 299,00 kr