The Essence and Heart Mala

Black Friday rea

Open the throat chakra and third eye chakra with lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla stones.

Chrysocolla indicates balance. It is an excellent stone for stress and mood changes. It helps keep your mind's cool. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth. It promotes honesty, dignity, friendship and sociability. It helps tell and accept the truth. The combination of these two powerful gemstones in a 101 beads mala provides a strong energy to aid your communication. This combination has a calming and soothing action, that will help to quieten your words when needed. Its energy may help you to choose the words you say with care, and aid you to share your knowledge from a heart based perspective.

Sterling silver calligraphy pendant, Rumi`s poem: You are the essence and heart. Oh, my heart and essence of you.

Pair with the matching bracelet to go ultra cool and brisk.

Material: Lapis Lazuli 8 mm & 6 mm, Chrysocolla 8 mm & 6 mm, Hematite 4 mm, and 925 sterling silver pendant.  

Number of semi-precious beads: 101 

Size of beads: 8 mm, 6 mm,  4 mm

Length: 40 cm.

Full hanging length: 80 cm.

1 599,00 kr