The Earth and the Sky Silver Ring

Tillfälligt slut

Handmade 925 silver ring with an oval shaped high quality natural Kerman Turquoise, an eye-catching blue, mysterious, and exquisite gemstone. Turquoise is created by the effect of copper oxide on phosphorus stones and fossils in the heart of soil for thousands of years. This large piece in this exquisite ring looks like the earth.

Wearing Turquoise harmonises, cheers and protects one from external influences. It is believed that this gemstone helps people to recognise cause of happiness and unhappiness and master them. It also helps with exhaustion, hyperacidity, rheumatism, gout, stomach pains and cramps.

The best way to clean your turquoise stones is to dab them gently with warm water, and then use a lint-free cloth such as a chamois cloth to pat them dry. The use of mild soaps and popular cleaning agents is harmful and unnecessary. Never submerge the turquoise in water, as you won't be able to dry all surfaces within the setting, which can lead to long term damage. Once cleaned, store your turquoise in a place where it will not be bumped or scratched by other, harder gems or jewelry.

Weight: 6 gm.

Size: 17.5 mm / 55 mm

1 799,00 kr