Talisman Ring

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This exquisite handmade Silver Ring is made with the high quality original natural yellow Agate.

Material: 925K Sterling Silver, and Agate (Aqeeq) From Yemen Mountains.

Genuine Yemeni Agate (Aqeeq): Yemeni Agate is considered the finest type of agate in the world, also known for its high spiritual effects on ones life, Yemeni Agate it the favorite primary stone for more than 70 million Muslim around the world. This piece has been purified on the spicific date, under the moonlight.

Weight: 3.15 gm.

Size: 17.5 mm  / 55 mm

Please note: All our stones are of the best quality and all our rings are hand crafted by highly skilled ring maker using top quality silver.

599,00 kr