Strength and Perseverence Mala

Picasso Marble, also known as Picasso Stone or Picasso Jasper is a lovely, happy stone that reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life, bringing optimism and openness. Picasso Jasper even though is not really a Jasper. It is a type of metamorphic limestone made of crystallized dolomite or calcium carbonate.

In physical healing Picasso Jasper is useful for eye problems and can promote weight-loss as it is known to regulate the metabolism. It enhances calcium metabolism, strengthens the large intestine, connective tissues and bones. It is known to assist with losing weight, and to regulate the metabolism. So if you need to lose some weight it may be beneficial to take advantage of its transformational energy in your everyday life. The vibration of Picasso Marble is also known to boost self control so this may also make the energy advantageous to assist weight loss.



Material: Picasso Marble, metal Buddha pendant (amulet), cylinder Agate and Hematite

Number of semi-precious beads: 108

Size of beads: 8 mm & 6 mm

Length: approx. 46 cm

Full hanging length: 92 cm

899,00 kr