Security and Balance Necklace / Custom-order

Tillfälligt slut Custom Order

This gorgeous necklace is made with a variety of seashell beads in different shapes and sizes and semi-precious stones. Its pleasing color seems to go with almost anything! In the necklace shown above, light green Jade stones accent the larger, more bold green heart-shaped Agate pendant with a milky white 14 mm Agate bead in between. Above the green arrangement of Jade and golden Hematite spacers, milky white natural Opal beads share their great energies in the design of an aura necklace, including cylinder Agate beads, 8 mm Jade beads, 4mm green Agate beads, and green Snail Peacock Tridacna Shell Beads.

White opal is milky white with little or no play of color or "opalescence." For the metaphysical, opal is considered to act like a prism inside of one's aura, sending light energy throughout the body and clearing the emotional body. Sizes and shapes may vary with handcrafted items.

Jade indicates balance. It helps one to maintain balance between work and rest. It regulates the nerves, kidneys and adrenal glands; maintains water, minerals and acidbase balance.

Item specifics

Material: green Snail Peacock Tridacna Shell Beads, fauceted rondelle natural milky white Opal, 2 cylinder Agate beads, a milky white 14 mm Agate bead, 4 mm green Agate beads, green Jade beads, and Hematite spacers.

Theme: Romantic

Style: Multi-coloured string necklace

Fine_fashion: semi-fine

Size: 14 mm, 8mm, 6mm, 4 mm beads.

Full length: 88 cm. hanging length: 44cm.

Weight (total): 50 gm.

799,00 kr