Progress/Engagement Bracelet Stack

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These two thin Hematite, silver, and Jade bracelets next to one another work so well. Separate bracelets that get tangled easily with other pieces as well. The Jade stones in purple, dark grey,  light grey, and 925 silver leaf charms are beaded with an elastic stretch cord.

Hematite with Magnetite indicates progress and engagement. It promotes striving for improvement of one`s situation in life. It helps people pursue aims withdetermination and to fight for them if necessary.

Grey Jade is said to be a very lucky gemstone, that balances the mind, body, and soul. It can also be used to help open the heart chakra.

Material: 925 silver leaf charms, Hematite round beads, purple Jade, dark/Light grey Jade

Size: It can be made in any color and size you want.

318,00 kr 398,00 kr