Princess Necklace with Czech Glass bars

Tillfälligt slut

A beautiful combination of natural green Jade stones, transparent orange long Czech beads, vinyl African Heishi square beads, and square/column shape hematite spacers on a cotten cord eneded with ended with a golden lobster clasp and links for adjusting. A flattering length for this beautiful blooming statement design!

Wear it together with other choker necklaces or separate, we'll let you choose! ;)

Item specifics

Material: natural green Jade faceted beads, 2 orange bar stick beads (transparent orange long Czech beads two hole, rectangle glass beads - 40mm), cotten cord, and lobster clasp, Hematite spacers, African vinyl Heishi square beads.

Theme: Spring into Summer

Style: Multi-coloured choker necklace

Fine_fashion: semi-fine

Size: 5 mm square heishi beads, 10mm flower shape heishi beads, 40mm Czech rectangle beads, 4mm Hematite beads

Full length: 52 cm. hanging length: 26cm.

Weight (total): 20 gm.

299,00 kr