Meditation Prism Mini Tibetan Mala

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This gorgeous Tibetan mini mala is a perfect combination of Bostwana Agate and milky white natural Opal beads each separated with golden Hematite spacers to give it an elegant yet humble look. Its pleasing color seems to go with almost anything! In this mala, faceted rondelle wheel beads of Brown Agate accent a green Jade Guru bead with with two pieces of strings hanging from the Guru bead. Above the brown arrangement of Bostwana Agate and golden Hematite spacers, milky white natural Opal beads share their great energies in the design of an aura necklace, including cylinder Agate beads, and faceted Turquoise beads.

White opal is milky white with little or no play of color or "opalescence." For the metaphysical, opal is considered to act like a prism inside of one's aura, sending light energy throughout the body and clearing the emotional body. Sizes and shapes may vary with handcrafted items.

Brown Agate (Bostwana Agate) is comforting and protection stone. The gentle energy of this stone is great for meditation. It is one of the greatest stones for balancing emotions, harmonization, boosting intellectual and physical energy. In the old days, people used to wear brown agate jewelry to bring good luck, fortune, and abundance. This stone is great for stimulating Crown chakra.



Material: Natural Milky white Opal beads, Carnelian Agate, chunky natural Botswana Agate 8mm faceted rondelle wheel beads micro, round and cylinder Agate beads, green nephrite Jade 3 hole guru bead, golden Hematite spacers, faceted Turquoise beads.

Number of semiprecious beads: 108 + guru bead + 9 beads on the hanging strings
Size of beads: 8mm (round beads), 6 mm (faceted & round beads), 4 mm (round beads)

Length: 42 cm approx. (hanging strings included)
Full hanging length: 84 cm approx.
The guru bead: 1,5 cm approx

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