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Crystal combination really matters! That is why we always pay attention to what crystals we are working with to achieve the best results.

Are you wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry or using Lapis Lazuli high vibration crystals for prosperity, wealth, abundance, third eye chakra intuition, and a better meditation? Then you need to know that this royal blue stone of the Gods-powerful crystal when combined with Chrysocolla provides amazing results to accentuate the energy of both stones.

Combining Lapis Lazuli with a throat chakra stone, Chrysoscolla, has a strong energy to aid your communication. This combination has a calming and soothing action, that will help to quieten your words when needed. Its energy may help you to choose the words you say with care, and aid you to share your knowledge from a heart based perspective.

Like lapis lazuli, chrysocolla can be very beneficial for those who speak or perform in public, giving them the confidence to show up to the world as their true selves. It has a stimulating effect on your mind, yet it relaxes your emotions, making it a perfect companion for business people and entrepreneurs. As a prosperity stone, its presence may stimulate your astuteness when conducting negotiations, making deals, and combining your analytical mind with your intuition.

Lapis lazuli is a symbol for royalty and wealth and a great crystal for opening the Third Eye chakra intuition.

Chrysocolla Opens the throat chakra, reduces inflammation, calming and cooling effect if keeps nearby.

They just have to touch your skin!

  • Material: Lapis Lazuli and chrysocolla with 925 silver Buddha charm and 925 silver beads.
  • Weight: (Silver charm & beads) 3.21 gm.
  • Size: It can be made in any color and size you want. 
  • Price: 199:- each

338,00 kr 398,00 kr