Hematite Prayer Bead (Tesbih)

High quality Islamic prayer beads, tasbih (Muslim rosary). It is made with 33 cylinder shape black natural magnetic Hematite Beads.

Size of each bead is about 7mm in diameter, 7mm thick, a stainless steel Turkish tulip, whirling dervish engraved pendant as the Imam bead, and handwoven tassel.

HEMATITE is a stone known as a "stone for the mind". It brings progress and engagement. It promotes striving for improvment of one's situation in life. It helps you pursue aims with determination and to fight for them if necessary.

Material: Black natural magnetic Hematite beads, cylinder shaped. Size: 7mm (each bead)

Color: Black

Weight: 50 g

Beads diameter size : 7mm

Tassel and Imam Capped Bead Length : 13 cm approx.

Length: 16 cm approx. (tassel not included)

799,00 kr