Healing and Grounding Agate Mala

Limited Edition

Agate means healing and grounding and it is just what you need to have around your neck. This mini-mala has the perfect combination of natural multi color faceted Agate beads and beautiful faceted pink dragon vein Agate beads. The center-piece of this vibrant mala is a natural blood Amber beewax purse pendant, attached with golden Hematite spacer to the guru bead of white Agate (14mm). This beautiful range of colors is designed with two white cylinder Agate marker beads which are placed after the 27th bead from both sides, and faceted pink Jade beads after each 5th bead on either side.

In Chinese medicine, Agate was used to stir up one's own chi. Persian Magicians used these stones to control the thunder and lightning that danced across the sky. Even now, in our modern world, Agate has not lost its sense of power, today we turn to these stones to help us ease our anxieties and to keep our emotions beautifully balanced so we can flourish in all our earthly wonder.

As mythical as the name suggests, the Dragon Vein Agate is all about stoking your creative fire, heightening your creative visualization. Excellent to the people in the creative fields like films, designs, architecture, painting, etc. Dragon Vein Agate protects against stress and energy drains. It promotes energy and strength, and will help one discover the truth. Are you working in a stressful environment, then a dragon vein agate bracelet will be helpful to you. It helps you to attract the happiness you want in your life. It may attract the desired life partner. Dragon agate is believed to solve all kinds of relationship problems.



  • Material: Natural blood Amber beewax purse pendant, multi color faceted Agate, pink dragon vein Agate, White Agate (guru bead), champagne gold Hematite spacers.
  • Amber classification: Succinum, blood Amber
  • Number of semiprecious beads: 108 + guru bead + pendant
  • Size of beads: 6mm (faceted beads), 14 mm (tyre shape bead), 16 mm (cylinder shape beads), 8 mm (faceted bead).
  • Length: 47 cm approx.
  • Full hanging length: 94 cm approx.
  • The guru bead: 14 mm approx
  • The Pendant: 5 x 3 cm approx.

899,00 kr