Dulcis Margarita and Opal

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Spring Summer Bracelets Freshwater Pearls and Opal!

A chic bohemian look with this bracelet stack of faceted milky white Opal beads, three shades of green African Vinyl heishi beads and natural freshwater shells on 0.5 mm elastic cords and cotten cord in our Spring Summer bracelets collection. Designed with the utmost care and highest quality of genuine milky white Opal beads, Heishi beads, natural fresh water pearls, golden beige faceted crystls and Hematite.

Vinyl is synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer, used for wallpapers and other covering materials and for records.

Green color is the freshest and the most comfortable from all color palettes. It embodies pureness, nature, renovation, gives hope and belief in wonderful future. Soft transitions of green shades create harmonious composition.

White opal is milky white with little or no play of color or "opalescence." For the metaphysical, opal is considered to act like a prism inside of one's aura, sending light energy throughout the body and clearing the emotional body. Sizes and shapes may vary with handcrafted items.

  • - Size: 17 cm
  • - Customised size for all orders
  • - Material: Soft African Vinyl Heishi beads, natural faceted milky white Opal bead, golden round Hematite beads, 0.5mm elastic cord and 1mm green cotten cord.
  • -Type: Vinyl, freshwater naturalp earls, and genuine Opal
  • -Style: Semi-boho style
  • -Theme: Spring Summer
249,00 kr