Divine Feminine Energy Mala

Limited Edition

This stunning Mala is made with a combination of 6mm and 8mm Moonstone beads. Golden Angel Aura Quartz markers and light and warmth to this piece tiny faceted Hematite beads make perfect accents and remind me of stars in the sky. It is finished with cube shape 4 strand knots hanging through a green Jadeite Imam of Prayer Beads.It shows you starting point of Tasbih. It is also accessory of tasbih which makes it beautiful and meaningful. . This part is also known as tassel (tassle) of tasbih.

Moonstone is the stone of divine feminie energy. Filled with Goddess vibes! It is said to be a great companion stone during pregnancy, childbirth, travel, and any time you want to feel powerful and divine.

Golden Aura Quartz has properties to enrich life. It is a gemstone used for grabbing the flow of success. You will get support, producing a lot of wealth. Golden Aura Quartz is a gemstone used when you want to increase assets. It is also popular as an amulett hat leads investment to success. Gold is also a symbol of the champion. The use of Golden Aura Quartz will enhance charisma. It is a gemstone suitable for attracting the hearts of people.

Zoisite with Ruby (Anyolite)

Indications: spiritual aspect: dynamic, regeneration. It revives buried feelings, and enhances potency. It promotes creative commitment. Physical benefits: deacidifies, regenerates and enhances fertility; good for problems of the spleen, prostate, testicles and ovaries.

This Mala is charged under the August Full Moon and will be sent home to you.



  • Material: 6mm faceted green Jade beads, 8mm faceted Ziosite beads, 8mm Moonstone round beads, natural green Jade beads oval shape,
  • Length: approx. 60cm (tassel included)
  • Bead Size: 8mm, 6mm
  • Bead Color: Beige, Ruby in Ziosite, green
  • Number of semi-precious beads: 108 + Guru bead + Hematite spacers + Jade marker beads and golden Aura Quartz
  • Bead Style: Round & faceted
  • Guru bead: Jade approx. 12mm
  • Construction: 100% Cotten rope green and beige tone

1 099,00 kr