Cowrie Shell Bracelet

Cowrie shells, also known as cowry shells, have been used in traditional jewelry for as long as time can tell! Historically, cowrie shells have also been used as money and currency. Our special selection of cowrie shells is sourced from the African coast.

This beautiful bracelet is made of 8 mm shell beads in beige and blue, 6 mm shell beads in brown/blue, 3mm Hematite square beads, and of course a golden Cowrie shell charm. It is a lovely bracelet with cheerful and dazzling semi-precious gemstones.

  • To create a stack with some joyful theme, combine with the golden cowrie bracelet.

- Size: adjustable
- Adjustable knot
- Material: Organic Material; dyed shell beads, golden Cowrie shell, and Hematite

-Type: Seashell

-Style: Nautical

-Theme: natural crafts

119,00 kr