Abundance and Luck Mala

Tillfälligt slut Limited Edition

This is a 108-beads mala with the perfect combination of beautiful yellow tiger's eye and the luck-attracting citrine for you who need luck, wealth, and abundance in your life.

Citrine is a popular stone for attracting wealth and abundance into your life. With its vibrant golden hue, the "Lucky Merchant's Stone" can bring financial wealth and success.

Meanwhile, featuring a beautiful mixture of golden and brown strands across its crystalline structure, the tiger's eye is not only a beautiful accessory that elevates your look, but also helps bring good luck and abundance into your life!

As the citrine helps in your manifestation of wealth and carrying the power and might of the sun that brings about abundance, the tiger's eye brings about the willpower and courage of the tiger, offering you a dynamic combination of earth and solar energy so you stay grounded and be sensible with money as well as protecting you from greed.

In addition, citrine helps in improving your mood, bringing optimism to your life, and encouraging generosity while the tiger's eye helps you make smart financial decisions and increase your fortune-attracting ability.



Material: tiger's eye, Citrine, agate cylinder stones, and square tyre Hematite

Number of semiprecious beads: 108 mala with a choice of hematite spacers
Size of beads: 8mm, 6mm.

Length: 45 cm approx.
Full hanging length: 90 cm approx.

1 899,00 kr