Spiritual Awareness Unisex Bracelet


A glamorous soft combination of Clear Quartz, rose Quartz, and champaigne color Hematite Spacers.

Clear Quartz indicates clarity, and neutrality. It strengthens personal point of view, and improves memory. It improves perceptive faculty, increases awareness and brings clarity in thinking. Physical benefits: enhances energy flow; fortifies nerves, brain, glands; alleviates pain and swellings.

Rose Quartz; this pink-coloured quartz indicates spiritual sensitivity. It increases empathy; helps with sexual difficulties. It clearly illuminates personal needs and the desires of others. Physical benefits: harmonises heart beat and promotes strengthening of sexual organs and fertility.

  • - Size: 19 cm (adjustable)
  • - Customised size for all orders
  • - Material: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Hematite champagne spacers, and 0.02mm cotten cord
  • -Type: Quartz, and Hematite
  • -Style: Beaded thread bracelet
  • -Theme: Chic Unisex

149,00 kr