Confidence & Calm Unisex Bracelet

This chic bracelet is a combination of Howlite, black natural African Saphire, and champaigne color Hematite Spacers.

Black Sapphire brings you wisdom and confidence. It is a grounding stone, one of protection and centering, of both the body and inherent energy forces. It deflects negativity from others, especially as a Star Sapphire, and provides a calm strength in high stress or chaotic situations.

HOWLITE is a great stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety and stress. It calms and soothes the emotions and helps in taking control of one's life. It also promotes conscious control of one's actions. Howlite gently influences all chakras. This calming stone is said to teach patience and to fortify sense of balance.

  • - Size: 19 cm (adjustable)
  • - Customised size for all orders
  • - Material: Howlite beads (Jadeite), black natural African Saphire, Hematite champaigne spacers, and 0.01mm nylon cord
  • -Type: Howlite (borate mineral), black natural African Saphire, and Hematite
  • -Style: Beaded thread bracelet
  • -Theme: Chic Unisex

149,00 kr